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"Access" company was established in 2000, in Thessaloniki, Greece and is operating in the field of production and trade of women's garments.

Our main purpose is to satisfy women's needs by following international trends and creating fashionable, elegant clothes in reasonable prices.

We believe that the main point of fashion, is to encourage every woman, to be herself and to choose the life that she truly wants to live in.

With every new collection we try to create an original, feminine product, taking inspiration from various sources, with a unique relationship among pricequality and exclusivity.

A big range of exports of our fashionable garments (clothes and accessories) in countries such as Russia, S.Africa, S.Arabia, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Germany, Spain, BulgariaSerbia, UK, Ireland, Lebanon, France, Italy, USA and more than 200 retail points in Greece, makes our company, play a vital role  and hold a dynamic position in Fashion Market, Globally.
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